Where to buy edta product or where I can buy edta product ?

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and it’s salt like EDTA-2NA and EDTA-4NA are mainly used as complexing agent and is widely used in water treatment agent, detergent additives, lighting chemicals, paper chemicals, oil field chemicals, boiler cleaning agent and analytical reagent.

1 polymer chemical industry: used as styrene butadiene latex polymerization activator, acrylic polymerization termination agent production device;

2 daily chemical industry: used as a variety of detergent, skin care products, perm hair conditioner additives;

3 paper: used as processing agent, fiber cooking to improve the whiteness of the paper, reduce the fouling in the steamer;

4. The pharmaceutical industry: cyclization with formamide of ethyleneimine, is mainly used in the treatment of psoriasis drugs, as some vaccines of stabilizer and blood anticoagulant;

5 textile printing and dyeing industry: improve the color rate of dyes and printing and dyeing of textiles and color.

So if you want to by EDTA product , which company is your first choice .

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