How to distinguish the true and false of EDTA series products

EDTA is a kind of important chelating agent. EDTA series products are widely used, can be used for dyeing auxiliaries, water treatment additives, cosmetic additives, detergent additives, stabilizer, synthetic rubber polymerization initiator, EDTA product is a chelating agent. Can and alkali metals, rare earth elements and transition metals, such as the formation of a stable water soluble complexes.

EDTA in the manufacturing process, ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) used in the production of raw materials by ethylenediamine, sodium cyanide, formaldehyde, step-by-step production. First, the chemical reaction of 4Na EDTA- was obtained by and EDTA-4Na, and the EDTA-4Na solution was obtained by and sulfuric acid. The pH value of the solution should be paid attention to in the case of EDTA-2Na or EDTA. After the third step in the EDTA-2Na, it can further react with sodium hydroxide, so that we can get EDTA-4Na products.

Currently on the market a large number of low-cost EDTA series products. Many consumers do not understand why the same products appear so big price gap. Today, I’ll tell you how to distinguish EDTA, EDTA 2NA, EDTA 4NA, and the true and false.

First, fluency, appearance

EDTA series products are a kind of white powder crystal. Open the bag in the well preserved condition, EDTA and EDTA two sodium are relatively bright color. Fluency is very good. The emergence of agglomeration, the crystal grain is too large, all belong to the secondary products.

Second, water soluble

EDTA and EDTA two are very small, and they are almost insoluble in water. EDTA four sodium product water solubility is relatively large, at around 40%. EDTA series products are in the alkaline conditions to complete a very good dissolution. Those good dissolved on the market EDTA series products are basically false, the admixture of other chemical products.

Third, effect

For washing products, EDTA is mainly used to remove metal ions, such as iron ions, etc.. Metal ions in the water mixed with other additives will produce the phenomenon of turbidity, EDTA added after the metal ions can be complex, to clarify the mixed liquor. And the use of EDTA is very small. EDTA series of products on the market to add a lot of products, and the real EDTA products can play a good role in the process.

In summary, how to distinguish between the true and false of the EDTA series products is not difficult. The product on the market price is low most of the content is not standard (blended with other cheap products).

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