EDTA usage

EDTA and its sodium products are widely used in the domestic and international application areas are as follows.

1) paper pulp paper industry: pulp bleaching, chemical pulping, bleaching, cooking and cooking / evaporator of the scale, and the stability of hydrogen peroxide;

2) water treatment: boiler, cooling water system, evaporator, heat exchanger;

3) industrial / scientific research with cleaning agent: washing laundry powder, building cleaning, disinfecting and cleaning agent, dairy and beverage / food processing factory cleaning, car cleaning agent, washing liquid;

4) photographic industry: developing liquid and bleaching;

5) agriculture: trace nutrients, herbicides;

6) textile industry: printing, dyeing, bleaching, washing, and removing;

7) food processing industry: decolorization, taste;

8) cosmetics industry;

9) medicine: lead poisoning processing, anemia treatment, quaternary ammonium salt, antibiotics, eye care products, mold preparation, drug stability, mineral supplements;

10) metal processing: metal cleaning, steel processing, go;

11) cement blending;

12) rubber / polymer processing: styrene butadiene rubber, PVC, polymerization system stabilizer;

13) other: wash gas, oil field production, chemical production, spine leather, mineral processing.