EDTA Chelated Agent

EDTA product like EDTA ACID , EDTA-2NA and EDTA-4NA is a Chelated agent which can Chelate Mg2+、Ca2+、Mn2+、Fe2+ and other heavy metal .

We are the manufacturer of EDTA products in Shandong Province China , like BASF , DOW , Akzo Nobel .

The annual consumption in the world is about 250 thousand tons very year . And now our production capacity will reach 70 thousand tons in next few years . Now we can supply the same quantity like BASF , DOW and Akzo Nobel . The main products are as follows:


EDTA-2NA/disodium edta

EDTA-4NA/tetrasodium edta

tetrasodium edta 86%/EDTA-4NA 86% (like BASF , DOW and Akzo Nobel )

Our production method is used sodium cyanide(NACN) , ethanediamine and formalin . The process us as follows:

EDTA production methods

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