Application of Chelating Trace Elements in Changing Soil Environmental Quality

chelating trace lements usage

For a long time, due to sewage irrigation, industrial and mining areas around the urban suburbs of waste water, waste emissions, improper use of pesticides and other reasons, leading to farmland soil heavy metals, organic pollution is very prominent. Soil pollution caused by the accumulation of harmful substances in crops, through the food chain into the human body, triggering a variety of diseases, and ultimately endanger human health.

In the current socio-economic development, due to improper fertilization and other issues, soil compaction situation is quite serious. Chelate trace element fertilizer is water-soluble, high efficiency for crops, applied to the soil can reduce the trace elements by soil fixation and so on.

Mainly have the following advantages:

1. Chelate trace elements can be used with a variety of fertilizers, additives, modifiers used, do not reduce the effect of other products, all water-free residue. Thus reducing the cost of manpower and material resources.

2. Chelating trace elements are organic fertilizers, trace elements by chelating has a very high biological activity, absorption and utilization rate is far higher than the inorganic salts, the effect is the general organic fertilizer several times, inorganic Salt several hundred times. With less, for foliar spraying, the effect is better.

3. Trace elements of metal ions are chelated, the crops are organic molecules to absorb, into the crop directly involved in the transformation.

4. Good solubility, good stability, easy to lose, quickly add nutrients, improve utilization. Good security, good slow release, long lasting.

5. Reduce costs, environmental protection, green, so as to achieve the effect of one fell swoop, is the development of organic agriculture must-election products.

How to choose chelating trace element fertilizer ?

Now on the market, often see EDTA chelate trace elements, EDDHA iron, DTPA chelate trace elements, citric acid chelate trace elements, amino acids chelate trace elements. How to choose? The actual look at the plant protection will be in the water soluble fertilizer packaging can be seen, EDTA chelating trace elements is the most advantageous.

Supplementation of soil chelating micronutrients, the application of such soil conditioner can be a certain degree of supply of soil nutrients, inhibit harmful bacteria. Farmland soil is the basis of agricultural development, soil quality of the environment is good or bad, a direct impact on the quality and safety of agricultural products, thus affecting the quality of human life. So the soil quality of the environment is crucial.